100 - iCLASS® card

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iCLASS Contacless Smart Card, 2k bit with 2 application area

iCLASS® è stato specificamente progettato per rendere il controllo degli accessi più potente, più versatile e più sicuro. La tecnologia di smart card contactless di lettura / scrittura iClus 13,56 MHz offre un'interoperabilità versatile in applicazioni quali controllo degli accessi, sicurezza di accesso alla rete, distribuzione senza contanti, tempo e presenza, gestione degli eventi e identificazione biometrica.

iCLASS technology ensures high security with mutual authentication between card and reader, encrypted data transfer, and 64-bit diversified keys for read/write capabilities. Securely separated files enable multiple applications and support future growth.

The iCLASS card meets ISO standard for card size and thickness for use with direct image and thermal transfer printers. It features a graphics quality surface optimized for Photo ID printing, and is available in standard PVC construction, or a composite polyester/PVC construction for more demanding high wear and tear environments. The card can be produced with visual security and anti-counterfeiting features such as holograms, ultra-violet fluorescent inks, micro-printing, or a custom logo to quickly and easily identify genuine cards.